Hi, my name is Marcello Nardone aka Inzist, I'm a new media artist currently active in Barcelona.

I call myself a multidisciplinary talent, during my life I explore the audio and visual multiverse, in relation to the perceptions of the human being, to merge them together in a magical and overwhelming artistic universe capable of inducing strong emotions.

I enjoy finding ways to turn into the meaningful solutions by working on each project to bring it to life, through dedication and empathy.

But where magic really happens is the place in which we find each other, connect, collaborate and we innovate.

We will wiggle the whole thing and discover the inner potential of your project.

I am a highly motivated, self-suficient and collaborative.

My experience embraces a range of different projects; you can see me diving into:

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Reality

- Vfx

- Real time 

- Led

- Stage Design

- Music production

- Sound Design 

- DJ



- Motion Graphics
- Video Editing
- Art Direction
- Graphic Design
- 3d Modeling

- 3d Texturing

- 3d Lightning

- 3d Rendering

- VJ

Contact me and let's get good work moving!

I work with:

In my collaboration I win this Prizes: