Lux Caridad 2018



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During the summer of 2018 we had the pleasure of working with Manuel Coronado and all his team to make a videomapping on the facade of the Sanctuary of Charity of Illescas.

Inside the building are some of the most important paintings of El Greco so that within the show could not miss a special tribute to these works and its author.

The rest of the show focuses on the history of the city and how it has evolved into what it is today.

For this project I generated the 2D and 3D blueprints of the sanctuary facade,
moreover I was entrusted with the production of the 3D content of videomapping



Lux Caridad 2018


Client: Ayuntamiento de Illesca y Fundación Funcave

Direction: Manuel Coronado

Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics: Framemov


Compositing: Jorge Escobar

2D & 3D Artist: Juliana Rabello

 Marcelo Nardone aka Inzist