Sacred Geometry

Circle of Light 2018

3th Prize

DarkLight Studio

About :

"Sacred Geometry” is based on the concept of “Time door”, it’s a time travel in to the ancient cultures. The narrative of the mapping works with the concepts, symbology and elements of those cultures, working with traditional knowledge, occultism philosophy and sacred geometry.

For the Sacred Geometry mapping, we are going to make an research on the work of mathematicians and important philosophers of the history and the development of geometrical theories, as Pythagoras, Hermes, Leonardo da Vinci and many others.


Sacred Geometry

Art Vision 2018 

DarkLight Studio

3th prize

Festival: Art Vision 2018 Moscow (Russia)

Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics

DarkLight Studio

Direction & Compositing: Ricardo Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

2D & 3D Artist:

Ricardo Silveira Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

Chema Siscar _ Videomappingpro

Rafael Cançado_Homem Gaiola

Leandro Mendes _ Vj Vigas


Music and Sound Design : Marcello Nardone _ Inzist