Argentera 2016

Synkronie Visual Studio

About :

Projection mapping produced in collaboration with Sinkronie Visual Studio for Argentera 2016 in Catalonia. 

in this case I prepared two scenes:

the first, dedicated to a child audience and the second part, more experimental, where I play with the shape of the building to create stunning optical effects




Client: Ajuntament de Caldes de L'Argentera


Location: L'Argentera _ Spain

Production: Synkronie

Art Director: Synkronie

CG Artist: Marcello Nardone _ Inzist

Sergi Kasero

Ari Oña

Iker Oiz

Monica Simo

Ferran Badia

Audio and Sound Design: 

Sergi Kasero

 Marcello Nardone _ Inzist