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Marcello Nardone aka Inzist is a specialist in the field of New Media Arts,

his experience includes projects such as video mapping, 360-degree projections in domes and virtual production,

he has worked on augmented, virtual and extended reality projects, in addition to being creator of interactive, immersive and light installations.

Always attentive to the evolution in the technological field and how stories could be told through them, in recent years he specializes in creating content in real time with Unreal engine, Notch and Smode. This makes Marcello Nardone a versatile person with a broad vision, capable of managing all the aspects and processes involved in productions of this type.


My experience embraces a range of different projects; you can see me diving into:



- Motion Graphics
- Video Editing
- Art Direction
- Graphic Design
- 3d Modeling

- 3d Texturing

- 3d Lightning

- 3d Rendering

- VJ

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Reality

- Vfx

- Real time 

- Led

- Stage Design

- Music production

- Sound Design 

- DJ

Contact me and let's get good work moving!

I work with:

In my collaboration I win this Prizes:


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