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Mapping Cristo 2019

Réveillon Rio de Janeiro 2018 - 2019

DarkLight Studio


About :

Darklight studio was chosen to generate the audiovisual content for the video mapping on the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, on the occasion of the spectacular event:
Réveillon 2018-2019 in the beach of Copa Cabana.
The Videomapping was accompanied by a show of fireworks

The new challenge for me was to rigging and animate the Christ .


Mapping Cristo 2019 

DarkLight Studio

Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics

DarkLight Studio

Direction & Compositing: Ricardo Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

2D & 3D Artist:

Ricardo Silveira Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

Chema Siscar _ Videomappingpro

Marcello Nardone _ Inzist


Music and Sound Design :

Tiago Picado
Jodele Larcher

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