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We are Nature

Latino America Epson Mapping Challange 2018

Costa Rica

Winner 1th prize 

DarkLight Studio

''Keep your love for nature, because it is the true way to understand art,
nature is inexhaustible and sustainable we take care of it.
It is our universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth to future generations''

About :

We are Nature is a mapping done for Epson Mapping Challenge in San Jose, Costa Rica on December 9 in the metal school by the group of visual artists Darklight studio who include: Vj Eletroiman, Vinicius Luz, Homem Gaiola, Leandro Vigas, Marcello Nardone aka Inzist and Chema Siscar from Videomappingpro



We Are Nature

Darklight Studio

Epson Mapping challange

Client: Epson

Direction & Compositing:

 Ricardo Cançado aka Vj Eletroiman

CG Artist: 

Ricardo Cançado aka Vj Eletroiman

Chema Siscar aka Videomappingpro

Leandro Mendez aka Vj Vigas

Rafael Cançado aka Homem Gaiola

Vinicius Luz aka Vj Zaira

Audio and Sound Design:

Marcello Nardone aka Inzist

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