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Toledo tiene una estrella 2019


Like every year for Christmas, the Toledo City Council organizes an epic video mapping in the famous “Puerta de Bisagra” on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.
“Toledo tiene estrella” was the show that surprised the public.

Jorge Escobar


Luis Posada

Marta Covas

Óscar barberán

José Javier Serrano

Mario Soeana

Ana Franco

Marcello Nardone 

Juliana Rabello

Carlos Arandia

Mauricio Bartolo

Daniel Boada

Ernesto sanchez

Joan Jarque

Direction and composition



Voice off


3D/2D Animation


Toledo tiene un estrella

Navidad 2019

In this project I was able to complete various scenes and generate a large number of assets and animations to be integrated into the final composition.

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