Acte d'encesa dels llums de Nadal 2018 de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Videomappig workshop Cifo Hospitalet

About :

This year I had the opportunity to broadcast my experience in the fields of 3D and Sound Design
to the students of the fifth workshop of narrative videomapping organized by the Cifo of Hospitalet, offering lessons, tips and triks for the production of videomapping which was projected on the facade of municipality of the Hospitalet de LLobregat during the ''Acte d'encesa dels llums de Nadal 2018''.

I was entrusted with the special task of modeling the robots protagonists of the story, and opening the way to the animation of characters to the students.


Acte d'encesa dels llums de Nadal 2018

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

 Cifo L'Hospitalet


Ricardo Silveira Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

Ramon Herrero

Rafael Cançado_Homem Gaiola

Marcello Nardone _ Inzist

Direction & Compositing: Ricardo Cançado _ Vj Eletroiman

2D ,3D ,Music and Sound Design:

students of the videomapping course