Visual Festival

Zona De Baile  /  Projek Visual 

About :

VISUAL FESTIVAL is an integral concept of a musical festival, a versatile proposal where music, visual art and performing arts converge, a space to enjoy the senses and let ourselves go.

VISUAL FESTIVAL is designed as a multidisciplinary space where you immerse yourself in a vortex of images, artistic elements and music, where each element alone has its importance and as a whole converge to offer a show of quality and where to enjoy without prejudice, all seconded with a first class sound and lighting equipment.

The creative studio PROJEK VISUAL, in charge of generating the visual part of this event, commissioned me to produce a set of video loops and to participate as vj in the event


Visual Festival

Zona De Baile

Location: Catalunya (Spain)

Production: Z.O.B.

Art Direction: Projek Visual

CG Artist: Sergi Kasero - Projek Visual

Marcello Nardone _ Inzist

VJs: Sergi Kasero - Projek Visual

Marcello Nardone _ Inzist