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Sacred Geometry

Zsonlay Light Art Mapping Competition

1th Prize

DarkLight Studio / TKlab

About :

The Mapping carried out for the Open Exhibit SSA Mapping has as aesthetic reference the Brazilian indigenous designs and standards. The graphic content was developed from this symbolic universe, where forms and repetitions create ideas and concepts.
The drawings reveal the way indigenous people tell their origin and shows how their thinking works. Body painting has many functions and is used in parties, combats and guarantee good luck in hunting, war, fishing and travel. Each tribe and each family develop their own patterns of painting.
Another important element in the narrative is the use of black and white to contrast and emphasize the structures of the Rio Branco Palace, transforming its forms into a symbolic narrative that values the elements of Brazilian culture.
The project was realized by the artists VJ Eletroiman and INZIST of the collective TKLab. TKlab is a research group oriented by the Telenoika Association, located in Barcelona, Spain.



Sacred Geometry

Zsonlay Light Art Mapping Competition 2017

Winner 1th prize


Location: Pecs ( Ungary)

Production: TKlab

CG Artist: Ricardo Silveira Cançado aka Vj Eeletroiman

Audio and Sound Design:

Marcello Nardone _ Inzist

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